Using a Weird Rare NIGHT VISION LENS for Astonishing Portraits

The Weird Lens Challenge continues, today we will use a Rare Night Vision Lens used by militaries and police for safety and mission purpose

DEVGRU Seal Team Six

Let’s see if we can mount it and use it for something more peaceful.
This lens is a C Mount 75 mm 1.3 Manual focusing lens.
This rare lens has no name on it but you can find some equivalent named Goldinar or Navistar 75 mm 1.3
I paid 90 euros for it but price can be higher right now.


here are some of the Photo taken with it


dsc01005 dsc00996-2 dsc00961 dsc01036-2 dsc01042

dsc09878 dsc09854 dsc09840

Model Mathilde that you can follow here :





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