This Tiny 5$ Russian Lens will Blow your Mind – The Cheap Weird Lens

On this new show i will review for you some weird Lenses that can work on your mirrorless cameras for photos and videos.

Today we will review a  Lomo T43 40mm F/4  Manual Lens.
Ask me what kind of lens you want me to review for the next episodes.
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Gear Mentioned :
Flat m42 to Nex Adaptor 
17mm to 31mm helicoid M42 to M42 
Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod 

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Here are some photos for you to see in high resolution.


DSC05783 DSC05433 DSC01799 07032016-DSC05246 08032016-DSC05487 07032016-DSC05462 07032016-DSC05222



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