The Bokeh Awakens

Previously on the ” The Weird Lens Challenge ” we saw how to shoot with a 180° fish eye from the end of 60’s on a Sony A7II

I am happy to announce the launch of a new web-serie about lens test  ” The Weird Lens Challenge “… but not any kind of lens, we will focus only on the weird ones , the old, the crazy ones that you can mount on a mirrorless camera.

For this 5th episode we will hack an Helios 44-2 lens to get customized bokeh on Sony A7II



First you need to open the back part of the lens, unscrew it and see what size is the diaphragm, then create some cool shapes on thin black cardboard, and put one inside the lens over the diaphragm.
Screw back the back part and you are ready to shoot.

The Lens is sharp as hell, and famous for it’s swirly bokeh the shapes you create on paper , give a incredible look at your shots, this modification will give a pretty rare look for a cinematic project.

this Lens not rare, but i was lucky to find it only for 5 euros.

Check the video for the results.

Here are some exemples of what the lens mounting is giving for photos.

DSC00562 DSC00560 DSC00556 prise de vue sans titre-00447


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