Shooting a Circular Video with a 180° Fisheye Lens


Previously on the ” The Weird Lens Challenge ” we saw how to shoot with a 1950 Plastic camera Lens

I am happy to announce the launch of a new web-serie about lens test  ” The Weird Lens Challenge “… but not any kind of lens, we will focus only on the weird ones , the old, the crazy ones that you can mount on a mirrorless camera.

For this 4th episode we will shoot a video with a 180° fish eye from the end of 60’s on a Sony A7II




For this episode we will test a lens fish eye adapter  : the Kenko 180° fisheye

The lens was first screwd to a 55mm to 52mm filter then to the filer of a Canon 50mm 1.4 FD to a Nex Adapter to the Sony  A7II

The 50mm focal length is perfect for having a full frame Fisheye circular image … on a APSC it would not be circular.

The Lens is not sharp as hell, but it’s pretty good coupled with a sharp lens like the Canon FD, it’s also give a incredible look at your shots, of course the use of a Circular video is pretty rare for a cinematic project, but for time lapses it give an impressive effect.

this Lens is pretty rare, but i was lucky to find it only for 60 euros.

Check the video for the results.

So does it takes good photos too ?

Here are some exemples of what the lens mounting is giving for photos.

DSC09781 DSC09787 DSC09884


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