Shooting a Video with a 1950 Plastic Camera Lens


Previously on the ” The Weird Lens Challenge ” we saw how to get Bokeh Madness on Video

I am happy to announce the launch of a new web-serie about lens test  ” The Weird Lens Challenge “… but not any kind of lens, we will focus only on the weird ones , the old, the crazy ones that you can mount on a mirrorless camera.

For this 3rd episode we will test to shoot a video with a Photax camera lens from the 50’S on a Sony A7II

And answer to the question : How to get Bokeh Madness on video.




This episode was shot on a rainy dark day, so before everyone gets crazy, the ISO where very high, as the light was low and the camera is also very dark.

For this episode we will test a 1950 french plastic camera : the Photax Heanar type V.

After i managed to open and separate the front and the back of the camera, i blocked the shutter and then i just had to plug the camera directly on the A7II sensor, it was fitting perfectly.

The Lens is not sharp or great, or even easy to use, but it’s pretty cool looking and gives a certain vintage look to your shots.
After all the results on a bright day could be really great, but … yea it’s winter !

Check the video for the results.

So does it takes good photos too ?

Here are some exemples of what the lens mounting is giving for photos. ( on a dark rainy day again )

nb1 nb2 nb3


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