How to get Bokeh Madness on Video


Previously on the ” The Weird Lens Challenge ” we tested a 1910 lens on a Mirrorless camera.

I am happy to announce the launch of a new web-serie about lens test  ” The Weird Lens Challenge “… but not any kind of lens, we will focus only on the weird ones , the old, the crazy ones that you can mount on a mirrorless camera.

For this second episode we will test the famous Sovietic Jupiter-9  Bokeh Monster 85mm/2 lens mixed with a M42 tilt Ring to Nex adapter on a Sony A7II

And answer to the question : How to get Bokeh Madness on video.


The Jupiter – 9 is famous for being a Bokeh Monster, it has the same swirly effect as the Helios Lenses but even stronger, being very close the the Petzval lens.

Then the lens was screwed to a M42 to Tilt Nex Adaptor ring then to the Sony A7II 

Mixing a tilt ring who makes weird bokeh on any lens with a bokeh Monster will get you some amazing results.


Check the video for the results.

So does it takes good photos too ?

Here are some exemples of what the lens mounting is giving for photos.











you can buy the tilt adapter ring here 


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